Our customized entrepreneur training programs are not generic courses that fill your head with general knowledge on a topic, leaving you to struggle with how to apply it to your business. We customize each course to ensure that you are able to get to work immediately after the training to apply what you have learned and get results in your business.

Our diverse team of training professionals offers a variety of modules to suit your specific learning needs. We have outlined the core modules and courses below, but you are not obligated to take all courses in any given module. Want two leadership courses and one customer service course? No problem—we work with you prior to beginning your training to customize your program to suit your unique skill and knowledge. Ultimately this ensures that busy entrepreneurs like you don’t waste your precious time on training you don’t need.

  • Primers (12 hours)

    These 12-hour blocks of training focus in on filling a specific skill or knowledge gap you have as an entrepreneur. Whether it’s writing job descriptions, perfecting your product mix, managing your time, improving search engine optimization, writing blogs or any of the other topics listed in our Entrepreneur Training Primers Menu, we have a buffet of tasty entrepreneur education available to satisfy your appetite for learning that will fuel the growth of your business.

  • Foundations (24 hours)

    In the same way that a hotdog tastes better with ketchup and mustard, you get more appetizing results when you address skill and knowledge gaps in ways that link them to other topics that naturally complement them. You might want training on managing employee performance, for example, but not realize that this training will be much more useful if you understand how performance management issues link to the quality of your hiring processes. Our Foundations programs provide you with the additional dollops of knowledge you need to better integrate your immediate learning needs and apply your new skills in your business. Our Foundations programs are designed to address some of the most common stumbling blocks entrepreneurs face as they grow their business.

    • Hiring Foundations
    • Performance Management Foundations
    • Marketing Foundations
    • Digital Marketing Foundations
    • High Performance Brand and Culture Foundations (for Entrepreneurs)
    • Strategic Planning and Systems Thinking Foundations
  • Foundations Plus (36 hours)

    Learning about theory and best practices is essential for growing your business, but many entrepreneurs stumble when it comes to applying their new knowledge in their business. Our Foundations Plus programs include an additional 12 hours of instructional time and 6 additional application assignments that are custom selected by your instructor to help you apply the learning from our core Foundations Courses in ways that will most benefit your business.

  • Advanced Application (48 hours)

    There are two key areas that small business owners can always improve: marketing and performance management. Our Advanced Application programs focus in on these two key areas. Like a nutritionist starts by assessing your current eating habits, these training programs start by giving you the skills you need to assess where your gaps are. For established business owners, these programs help you identify the mix of healthy and unhealthy habits and systems you have put in place in your business and determine where your biggest knowledge gaps are. This allows the instructor to then customize your program to fill your gaps and avoid wasting time teaching you what you already know. For newer entrepreneurs, our Advanced Applications programs provide you with a strong foundation in these two key areas that are essential for growing your business.

    • Advanced Hiring and Performance Management
    • Advanced Marketing Mastery
  • Intensives (72 hours)

    Our Intensive programs are intended for business owners who want to deepen their knowledge and/or take their systems to the next level in one of three key areas: Hiring and Human Resources, Performance Management or Marketing Mastery. They provide an overview of best practices from a variety of different industries and a breadth of knowledge that supports participating entrepreneurs to assess the performance of their business, identify opportunities to “level up”, and put plans in place to do

  • Entrepreneur Training Fees:

    Our customized one-to-one entrepreneur training programs are designed to allow entrepreneurs to customize their own training to fill in their unique combination of skill gaps. Clients can purchase individual training hours, but most choose to purchase packages of 12, 24 or 36 training hours.

    12 Hours 24 Hours 36 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours
    $3,240 $5,760 $8,100 $10,560 $14,400



    GST must be added to all training fees.