3 Key Places to Invest Your Marketing Dollars

Is cheap really cheaper?

Saving money is always a good thing,  that doesn’t always mean spending less.  In this video from Entrepreneur Magazine, Karen Leyland tells us that one of the classic mistakes businesses and start-ups make when branding or marketing is cutting costs in critical areas such as websites and visual branding. She explains that doing things on the cheaper side or by yourself can lead to setbacks in the future and we agree wholeheartedly.

The Right Website

While doing a bargain website for $3000 or less can be the right move in the very early stages of your business if you are still figuring out your business model or experimenting with your offering, it often ends up needing to be completely re-done once you figure all of this out. You are far better to throw up a free website just to have something to start with and invest that money in working with qualified experts to help you fine-tune your business model, clarify your offering, understand your market, and develop a concrete marketing plan. Yes, you will still then have to spend money on a website, but the extra money spent is actually money saved in the long run as it prevents you from having to back track down the road. In addition, because your initial website was a freebie placeholder, you aren’t so reluctant to scrap it for something that is really going to work.

Great Copy

Another key area to invest your marketing dollars in is writing good copy for your website – or any of your marketing pieces. It doesn’t matter how great the photos or layout of your website is or how beautiful your logo is, if the copy on your website doesn’t speak to your target market, you’re business is hooped. Likewise a beautiful brochure with bland content is going to do more to turn people off of your business than to peak their interest.

Tools to Engage and Convert

Websites in today’s competitive market must go beyond being pretty brochures to attract and convert customers. Surveys, free reports, videos, and social media are just a few of the tools that can be used to engage your customers with your company and your products and begin building relationships with them that will ultimately convert to sales.

Ultimately, building a business requires you to invest your marketing dollars wisely, but the biggest mistake of all is trying not to invest at all.


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