3 Thoughts to Avoid to Increase Sales

Closing sales is the deciding factor between success and failure for every entrepreneur. This kind of pressure can put you in the wrong mindset which can nullify all your efforts. Teri Evans from entrepreneur magazine interviewed sales expert Grant Cardone on how entrepreneurs sabotage their sales.

He stated that the 3 malicious thoughts are:

They’re not a buyer.

If they aren’t a buyer, why are you even talking to them? If you really aren’t sure whether the person in front of you is a buyer then you might want to visit your lead generation and lead qualification processes. (Do you even have lead generation and lead qualification processes? If not, creating some would be a good place to start.) It is difficult to convert someone to a customer if they aren’t your target market. If I am a fantastic salesperson I might be able to sell wrinkle cream to a 20 year old guy, but if the only people I am pitching my wrinkle cream to are 20 year old guys when the ideal target is clearly 50 year old women, then my conversion rate is going to suck.

Unless your lead generation and qualification processes are non-existent or completely ineffective, assume that they are a buyer and speak to them accordingly. This assumption that they will buy is subtly conveyed in your language and attitude and that confidence in itself is persuasive.

They can’t afford this.

Once again, your lead generation and qualification processes should be doing a large part of the work to screen out people who genuinely can’t afford your product or service. That said, people will often say they can’t afford something even when they really can. When you hear, “I can’t afford this.” take it as code for, “I am not convinced of the value that this will generate for me.” If you are thinking that they can’t afford it, then the first person you need to convince of the value of your product or service is yourself!

They’re going to go with the cheapest provider.

Leave money out of the equation and put your energy into having the customer fall in love with your product. Don’t worry about a client’s budget. Set your price and figure out why it is a bargain no matter what your competitors price. Better yet, don’t even let the competition enter into it. Find ways to set yourself apart as an innovator and industry leader where the value provide cannot even be compared to others. When you are in a class by yourself, you have no competition.

Bottom line: All of these mental roadblocks revolve around your money mindset. If these objections are true then there are systems solutions to address them. Most of the time, however, the limitations exist only in your own mind. Believe in yourself and your product. Confidence is priceless. The sales will follow.

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[SOURCE: http://www.entrepreneur.com/video/225886]

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