Conscious entrepreneurs refuse to believe they must compromise purpose for profit

From garage start-up to online moguls; napkin dreams to patent reality; entrepreneurs are the unequivocal spark-plug of the economy — and a brighter future for us all. But consider these statistics: only 51% of new businesses survive past the 5-year mark;  30% of North American businesses fail within 2 years; and only 25% of businesses last longer than 15 years. (The numbers are even more bleak for micro-businesses with fewer than 4 employees.)

Beating these odds (and making the world a better place) requires more than just entrepreneurial drive. It requires the street-smart skills and knowledge that can only come from experience. Backed by decades of experience, the Kyosei Team offers the expert coaching and consulting you need to start and grow your business so that it is still standing, and thriving, well into the future.

Our approach goes beyond growing profits and ensuring the survival of your business. While entrepreneurs have the power to change the world, statistics show that it can take a toll on their health and their bank account. On the wrong side of the SME success statistics you face negative financial consequences, but even on the right side entrepreneurs work longer hours, worry more, and have more stress than employees. A key element of being a conscious entrepreneur is understanding that sustaining your own energy, passion, and wellbeing is a critical factor in sustaining the ability of your business to make a difference in the world. With 25 years of experience working with businesses of all sizes to help them align passion, profits, well-being and sustainability, we have a solid, proven framework for ensuring success without compromising soul.

Get the skills you need to make your small business thrive.

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Globally, SME (small- and medium-sized enterprises) make up from 85 — 99% of the business population in any given country.

% of business population in SMEs

% of private sector employment accounted for in SMEs

Industry Canada, Key Small Business Statistics, July 2012.

Clearly, small business is a critical part of our world. At Kyosei, we’re dedicated to helping your small business get off the ground by helping you develop systems for success and providing  customized coaching and ethical marketing services.