Enlightened leaders know that passion precedes profits.

Enlightened leaders naturally ‘get’ things that other leaders don’t. They know how to inspire with enthusiasm while driving results. They can take a firm lead, but still grow collaboration. They demonstrate courage, caring, and principles that inspire trust. They walk their talk, build authentic relationships, and create environments that fosters learning, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking. Most importantly, enlightened leaders understand that to continuously inspire others, they need to stay aligned with their own values, purpose, and passions

Companies that demonstrate Level 5 (enlightened) leadership and are driven by clear core passions average stock returns over 6 times greater than the market (Jim Collins and his Stanford research team in Good to Great).
$ million
Average revenue increase per office managed by enlightened leaders (Zenger Folkman)

Fortunately, the skills and attitudes of great leaders can be learned. At Kyosei, we’ve had the privilege of working with leaders in organizations of all sizes around the world for the last two decades. and we bring that depth and breadth of knowledge to each and every client to develop the capacity of their leaders to transform their workplaces and the world.

Investing in the training and development of your leaders ensures that they have the right building blocks to deliver results for their team and the organization. Whether you have new managers that need to learn the basics or seasoned leaders who are interested in developing advanced skills in coaching, creativity, or strategic thinking, we can help.

With dozens of training programs to choose from, and the capacity to custom design training materials to suit the unique needs of your leaders we are sure to have the right solutions to take your leaders to the next level.

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Knowing what to do is irrelevant if you do not do what you know. Leaders, by nature of their role, are pulled in many different directions and, no matter how much training and technical skill they have, often find it difficult to do the things they know they need to in order to get results in their teams. Coaching changes this. It provides the support leaders need to  make sense of their knowledge in a way that can be translated into action within the context of competing demands that are common in any business.  It creates a regular space for them to slow down, be proactive, work through scenarios, try on strategies and design systems to address the challenges they are facing.

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The best leaders had 46% more highly engaged and committed employees than the worst leaders. (Zenger Folkman)

The best-managed teams experienced half the accidents, 41% fewer quality defects, and less healthcare costs (Gallup State of the American Workplace Report 2013).

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