Meaningful work is an essential foundation for personal sustainability and enduring business success.

Meaningful work is an essential ingredient for building successful enduring companies. Work consumes more than half our waking hours, yet for many their livelihood has become a death march.  When work is not aligned with passions, values, strengths and purpose, people lack the energy, focus and commitment needed to fuel performance, ignite creativity, and drive legendary service on an ongoing basis. If you want to learn more about how you can tap into the power of meaningful work and foster career alignment for yourself and your team, we can help.

Active disengagement is costing U.S. companies more than half a trillion dollars per year

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People who love their jobs are more engaged, more productive, more energized, absent less frequently and, on average, create 20% more profits for their organization. Unfortunately, getting employees to be engaged and happy at work can be a tall order.

The latest research from Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report shows that only 13% of employees worldwide are truly engaged in their jobs. In decades past enjoying your job was seen as an extravagance, but with active disengagement costing US companies alone more than half a trillion dollars per year leaders can no longer afford to deny its importance.

It is becoming more  important every day in the quest to attract and retain top talent. A 2012 survey by Net Impact found that 86% of millennials were eager to change jobs in favour of work they found more interesting, and were far more concerned than older generations with finding happiness and fulfilment in their work lives.The bottom line: investing time and money into growing career alignment, employee engagement, and meaningful work is fast becoming a business imperative.

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The reliable ‘currency’ of job security is a thing of the past. The best guarantee for a solid future  is a clear understanding of who you are, who you wish to become, and a solid, measurable plan to get there. A bit of grit and determination can’t hurt, either.

For you:

  • Is your energy and passion for your role as a leader lagging?
  • Are you contemplating a career change, but not sure where to start looking?
  • Do you want more skills to sustain your own engagement and career alignment?
  • Want to understand how to pursue career advancement without burning out or selling your soul?

For your team:

  • Do you have a high-potential employee who has lost passion for their work?
  • Want to help a particular team member better utilize their strengths?
  • Looking to recognize a top performer while providing them with the tools to perform even better?

You’re not alone. Over half of all people polled value having work they love and that makes a difference in the world — not just a job that pays well.

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But only

of workers say that they love and are engaged with their work.


We’re passionate about bringing that number up!

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