CSLI (Canadian as a Second Language Institute) is an award-winning private ESL institution based in Vancouver, BC. After nearly two decades in business, the owners wanted to reinvigorate their brand and staff while developing systems that would allow them to take a step back from the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Enter Kyosei: over the past 5 years, we’ve helped CSLI transform into one of the best-recognized ESL schools in Canada.

Our strategic planning sessions set out a measurable road map for the organization. Our brand foundations workshops have helped the organization discover its core values, strengths, purposes and vision. We designed and delivered custom Professional Development days for the CSLI staff on topics leadership, time management, systems, project management, marketing strategy, customer service excellence and communications. We also provided coaching to key leadership and management staff in the organization.

Ultimately, Kyosei’s involvement with CSLI has allowed the owners to take a step back, comfortable that the business that they started will sustain and grow with little interference.

The results have been tangible. CSLI has gone from being at full capacity for less than six months of the year to being able to sustain their high standards of service while being at capacity the majority of the year. They’ve also won several Consumers’ Choice awards and added numerous accreditations and qualifications that are only given to the top international schools.