When NRC IFCI (the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation) hired Kyosei, they were acting as a hub for the hydrogen fuel cell research community in Canada. Their goal was to create a space where organizations that were technically competitors could come together to collaborate and spur innovation.

Kyosei came in to help design, develop and facilitate a retreat/community collaboration event where members could share resources, identify shared needs and create an action plan for moving the hydrogen fuel cell market forward. This was a great example of “kyosei” – living and working together for the common good – in an unlikely place. But there it was; competitors coming together not to get a leg up on each other, but rather to work towards a world where everyone wins.

This was the perfect time to call upon Kyosei’s secret weapon: our CEO, Boyan Blocka, who combines high-level technical understanding with communication skills to make even the most esoteric tech babble sensible (he’s done copywriting for Google, Nokia and other big companies). The varied skill-sets and backgrounds at Kyosei let us see obstacles (and solutions) from different angles. They allowed us to create an environment in which competing organizations could come together and share ideas without feeling like their intellectual property was being threatened, and helped to set the stage for a hydrogen fuel cell revolution.