Vancity was one of Kyosei founder Andrea Jacques’ first clients when she moved from Japan to Vancouver to set up a consulting business. They’re a good example of a company that values employee engagement, leadership development and corporate sustainability — in short, a company that we’re proud to have done work for. Kyosei works best with companies who already have the seed of great leadership and aligned values planted, but need a bit of fertilizer, pruning or a gentle course correction to reach their potential, not a life preserver.

It’s no surprise VanCity was a leader in understanding the importance of employee engagement for great customer service early on. When Andrea was hired, they had already done an employee engagement survey. We used the Kyosei Thrive Model to address some of the key opportunities identified in their engagement survey, explore organizational passions, and align individual and business values.

Typical corporate values alignment initiatives at the time tended to focus on telling employees what the values were and how they should be reflected in their behavior – a more dictatorial approach that ended up with employees feeling like the corporate values were being shoved down their throats. VanCity knew they wanted something different. Our process helped employees to first identify their personal values and then make the links with how these authentically connected with those of the organization.

Our training and values alignment programs for Vancity were so well-received that they led directly to referrals for the work we eventually did for VANOC and MEC.