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Management Coaching

Using proprietary methods, tools and models, Kyosei helps you identify and leverage strengths and apply key principles, improving performance, productivity and profitability. You and your team will benefit from:

  • An enhanced ability to manage time and energy, freeing you to tackle that which is really important.
  • Significantly augmented abilities to focus and prioritize, moving you from a reactionary mode to a proactive one.
  • Dramatically increased understanding of how to motivate yourself and your teams to perform at peak potential, allowing you to surpass expectations and work with passion.
  • An enhanced ability to give feedback in a way that saves morale, gets results and spurs greater progress.
  • Fundamental shifts in your understanding of how to manage and develop performance, empowering you and your team to work at a world class level.

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders know who they are and what they stand for and have the courage to act on it despite pressure to the contrary. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or leader in a corporation, our coaching provides the foundations you need to maximize energy, performance and fulfillment in yourself and others, giving you:

  • Clarity on priorities and the ability to think more creatively and strategically – so you can stop managing and again starting leading.
  • Enhanced ability to see the big picture and focus on what is important vs. what is urgent, removing fear and doubt and strengthening your vision.
  • The skills and knowledge to build strong business foundations by clarifying purpose, values, vision and strengths – providing you a powerful compass to guide your organization.
  • Enhanced strategic planning abilities, so you and your team can truly work purposefully and cohesively.
  • A ready tap on innovation and creativity, so you and your team never again face the blank page (or screen).
  • Enhanced ability to inspire and engage the team, modeling the best leaders to become the best.


Supplemental Programs for Leaders and Managers

While our Leadership and Management Coaching services stand on their own, we’ve also developed programs to compliment them, greatly accelerating your progress in key areas. Here are our current, most popular programs for Leaders and Managers:

Life-Work IntegrityTM for Leaders

This 3 to 6 month coaching program provides Clients with strong personal foundations of awareness regarding their values, principles, style, and strengths – the foundation for entrepreneurial and leadership excellence. The Life-Work IntegrityTM for Leaders program builds both awareness and critical practical applying the Life-Work IntegrityTM™ tools and their knowledge of the Kyosei Thrive Model™ both inside and outside of work. The bottom-line benefit to leaders and entrepreneurs is an increased capacity to manage and maximize their own energy and performance, not just their time. This provides them with greater access to the physical and mental resources they will need to positively impact performance and engagement within their teams – the focus of the Inspiring Passion in the Workplace™ coaching program.

Inspiring Passion in the Workplace

This 3 to 6 month program is designed to help leaders and business owners apply the Life-Work IntegrityTM™ tools and the Kyosei Thrive Model™ to inspire passion, performance and engagement in their teams – thus building business profitability. Skilled trainers and consultants with expertise in a wide range of leadership and business development topics including human resources, communication, conflict resolution, performance management, strategic planning, marketing, and negotiation, our coaches provide you with access to a huge repertoire of skills and knowledge to help you lead your team and business to lasting success.