Career Alignment Is a Key Driver of Employee Engagement

Just as any chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, legendary companies require each and every employee to be at their best. This is only possible when they are spending a majority of their time doing work they love.

When we started teaching leaders how to foster passion, meaningful work, and career alignment in their employees 25 years ago, many told us it was a “luxury” they couldn’t afford to spend time or money on. We persisted in teaching these ideas to those who would listen, getting great results. Fortunately, almost two decades later, there is a growing body of research to support the idea that career alignment is essential to both personal and business success. Consider how these facts might be impacting your bottom line:

  • Career development is a top engagement driver,but remains one of the lowest scoring items on most engagement surveys.
  • Seeking more meaningful and interesting work, not a higher salary, is one of the key reasons that employees leave their jobs.

The bottom line: if your organization wants to attract, retain, and maximize the performance of the best and brightest, your leaders need to cultivate their ability to support employee career development.

of employees are more interested in growth opportunities than any other perk.

One third of employees leave their jobs because of a lack of career growth.

(Results from survey by Glassdoor and Harris Interactive)