Beat the Odds with Entrepreneur Training from Kyosei

Success as an entrepreneur is much faster and more assured if you invest in the tangible skills and knowledge you need to turn your great idea from a fleeting passion into a profit center. Kyosei Consulting’s diverse team of trainers offers entrepreneurs the proven expertise in leadership, management, marketing, human resources, systems design, and technology they need to avoid the pitfalls that sink early-stage businesses, prevent the stress that kills the passion of mid-stage entrepreneurs, and build the personal and professional competencies needed to help your business thrive well into the future.

Entrepreneur Training Programs:

Our entrepreneur training programs are not generic cookie-cutter courses that you have to figure out how to apply to address the unique opportunities and challenges of your business. Because our training is offered both one-to-one and for small intact teams of employees, we can ensure that you are able to go back and apply what you have learned in the training to get immediate results in your business.

Our diverse team of training professionals offers a variety of modules to suit your specific learning needs. We have outlined the core modules and courses below, but you are not obligated to take all courses in any given module. Want two leadership courses and one customer service course? No problem—we work with you to customize your training program and ensure that you don’t waste your time on training you don’t need.

Kyosei Consulting’s Entrepreneur Training Programs:

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The first few years of any entrepreneurial venture are critical in determining not only whether the business will survive, but in ensuring it’s ability to thrive long-term. Many entrepreneurs assume that a great idea and an abundance of energy is all they need to create a successful business. But consider this:

of North American businesses fail within the first two years.

survive past the five year mark.