Great Leaders Are the Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Building a Great Company

More importantly, great leaders are key to ensuring that your organization stands the test of time. Fortunately, what makes great leaders great is no secret. Research abounds on the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for leaders to shift from managing their team to inspiring them, and from dictating directives to driving strategy and fostering innovation.

At Kyosei, our approach to leadership excellence is based on a synthesis of the top research on leadership excellence over the last 25 years. No matter which leadership guru you subscribe to, we understand the common competencies that all great leaders possess — and how to grow them in your team.

Leadership Training Programs:

Leadership & Profit

Poor leaders: (-)$1.2 million

Good leaders: +$2.4 million

Great leaders: +$4.5 million

Great leaders generate double the profits of average leaders, and 90% more profits than poor leaders. (Zenger Folkman)