Fearless Change Management: The Key to Innovation.

Most organizations are misguided in their approach to change management. Strategies based on the mindset that change must be managed stem from the belief that employees must be controlled, that power must be exerted, and that the security of the company is threatened. This approach to managing change is fear based and assumes that employees need to be coerced to do what the organization wants them to do. Unfortunately, the tactics that are used from this mindset create the expected resistance, even if it wasn’t there to begin with.

The good news is that change can be “managed” naturally and elegantly when the focus is shifted from enforcing command and control to nurturing a culture where innovation and creativity can thrive. Building this type of culture requires a commitment to cultivating core values like communication, risk taking, embracing mistakes, down time, peer recognition, and collaboration. It requires leaders who are focused on service over status, long-term value over short term profits, and growing employee fulfilment in tandem with employee performance. Above all, cultivating a culture that embraces change, creativity and innovation requires leaders who understand that inspiration trumps motivation, but who have the skill to help their teams turn inspiration into concrete actions and results.

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