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Stressed in the City
Andrea Jacques

Stressed in the City: Taking Stock
Part 3

Kyosei Coaching

Stress has become such a common part of life, that people are often not even aware how high their level of stress might be. No matter where you live, answering the following questions will provide you with insight into where you sit on the stress continuum.
Use the following scale to assign yourself points on each question and then add up the numbers for your overall score:
1= never   2= seldom   3 = sometimes   4= often  5 = always
I …

(Kyosei Coaching)

Andrea Jacques

3 Key Behaviours to Avoid Burnout

I make my living showing leaders the importance of keeping their priorities straight in both their business and their lives, so I was shocked recently

Andrea Jacques

How to Keep Employees Happy and Productive (Without Huge Salaries)

Following up on the theme of last week’s post, we’d like to focus on how employers can keep and engage core talent by keeping employees happy and productive without paying huge salaries. That’s not to say that Gravity Payments’ model, which involved CEO Dan Price taking a major pay cut to boost his employee minimum pay to $70,000, didn’t get Gravity Payments workers pretty excited; however, this model is unlikely to work sustainably for many firms. (That said, paying employees a good living wage is essential, and we are excited to see how Price’s radical experiment goes.)

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