Leaders and business owners always struggle with fitting their leadership and management responsibilities in with their non-management workload. They lack clarity on what it means to be a leader, how leadership differs from management, and how to leverage each of these roles to improve the performance of their team and better achieve their desired business results. This training course provides participants with an understanding of the two key roles of leader and manager and the competencies they need to perform more effectively in each role. It is great for anyone who wants a better understanding of what their priorities should be as leaders and managers, or wants more tools to fit their management responsibilities in with their non-management workload.

Instructional Objectives:

This training program provides participants with skills and knowledge in leading and managing their team. The following topics will be covered:

  • The definitions of leadership and management and the difference between them;
  • A review of typical roles in an organization, the percentage of leadership or management function they should have, and the reasons why different roles require more focus on leadership or management;
  • The five leadership roles;
  • The seven management functions and thirty-one management competencies;
  • Self-assessment survey of their leadership and management competencies to determine their development priorities;
  • Methods for addressing gaps in leadership and management competencies;
  • Creating a personal development plan for closing your leadership and management skill gaps.

(Note: full-day format provides more opportunity for participants to work with the concepts and identify strategies to apply their skills and knowledge effectively in the workplace.)

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Understand the difference between the big-picture leadership and detail-oriented management functions of their role;
  • Have identified the leadership and management competencies they need to develop to perform more effectively in their role;
  • Have identified key strategies to allocate an appropriate amount of time to their roles as leader and manager, while also completing their other non-management work responsibilities; and
  • Create an action plan to develop their leadership and management competency strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration: 4 Hours, 8 Hours

Format: Entrepreneur Training, Group Training, One-on-One Training