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Making the Leap™: Essential Workplace Tools for New Leaders

Ready to Leap into Leadership?

Top performers often get called on to make the leap into leadership because we assume that anyone who is good at what they do will naturally know how to help others excel too. This is a myth – and can be a big mistake for both the individual and the organization. Why? The skills that make great individual performers, aren’t the main ones they’ll need to excel as a leader. In fact, thriving as a leader requires that people unlearn mindsets and habits that were essential to their success in their previous role.

This highly practical and interactive program provides new leaders with the knowledge, tools, and mindset they’ll need to experience success in their new role as a leader. All tools are based on leading research and neuroscience on high performance workplaces and feature frameworks that make it easy for leaders to translate their knowledge into new behaviours and business results.

Who Should Attend

This program is a perfect starting point for anyone who is new to (or struggling with) their role as a leader or manager.  It’s also a great a starting point for leaders and managers who’ve been in their roles for years already but haven’t received any formal leadership training as it helps them to gain perspective on why their leadership approach is or isn’t working and what to do to fix it. 

What You’ll Learn

Our mindset about what a leader is and does is out of date. The command-and-control industrial age mindset was effective back in the day when you didn’t really want or need people to think for themselves. But the ability to thrive as a leader today requires a different mindset and skillset – one that focuses on growing influence instead of power, collaboration instead of control, and wellbeing along with performance.  Each half-day module in this course introduces key concepts and tools that will help leaders upgrade their Leadership Operating System™ so they can better support themselves and their team to thrive in the new world of work.

Essential 1: Update Your Operating System

This first module updates leaders’ “operating system”, helping them to see and make a plan to correct or avoid the common leader pitfalls that are at the heart of wasted time and increased stress for everyone – especially themselves. Topics include:

  • The four key functions of leadership and learn which one will sink your success as a leader, no matter how good you are at the other three.
  • Common leadership pitfalls that damage trust and assess your personal priorities for improving your trust and influence as a leader.
  • The Partnering for Performance™ leadership mindset – the key to sustaining performance and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving workplaces
  • The four elements of the Kyosei Thrive Bicycle – a framework for driving success and wellbeing for you, your team and your business
  • Making the leap with your leadership mindset so you can lead from a higher level in everything you do both inside and outside of work
Essential 2: Create a Safe Space

Research shows that psychological safety is the key ingredient of high-performing teams, but how do leaders create it? If the term “psychological safety” brings visions of holding hands, and giving hugs to mind, you can breathe easy — creating a safe space for your team doesn’t need to involve any of that. This module explores simple but effective techniques leaders can use to create an environment where everyone is keen to bring their full potential to work. Topics include:

  • How psychological safety is the secret ingredient of high-performing teams
  • Cultivating critical Relational Skills such as civility, social intelligence, and resilience that governments are recognizing as essential Skills for Success for today’s workforce
  • Building inclusion basics, including toxic vs. nourishing language
  • Conscious listening – the power of drawing people out rather than shutting them down
  • Spotting and correcting for perceptual bias that stifles innovation and collaboration.
  • Using leading neuroscience frameworks to spark buy-in and collaboration instead of defensiveness.
Essential 3: Tackle the Tough Stuff

With the basics of inclusion, active listening and conscious communication in place, leaders are now ready to learn the fundamentals of having those tough conversations with team members when personal and performance issues arise. This module introduces leaders to three key tools that provide a framework to successfully navigate conversations these important conversations. Topics include:

  • The ABCs™ of keeping your cool and helping others to keep theirs.
  • The PARC™ “mini-feedback” framework for addressing the little things before they turn into big ones.
  • The PIVOT™ model – a coaching approach to feedback that shows you how to navigate these challenging conversations in ways that builds relationships and gets results.
Essential 4: Know Your People to Grow Your People

The best leaders know diverse workplaces are more resilient, innovative, and profitable. They also know that optimizing the potential of a diverse workforce isn’t about treating everyone the same. Each person on your team has unique strengths, talents and passion, so to grow your people, you first need to know your people. Topics include:

  • The most simple and effective method for amping up performance and retention
  • The five elements of powerful praise – why recognition matters and how to do it right
  • The neuroscience of learning and how you can (and can’t) hack it.
  • The ATLAS™ system for amplifying learning readiness and retention in your team.
  • How to help yourself lean into change and amp up your own learning.
Essential 5: Think in Wholes to Optimize Parts

Many leaders exhaust themselves by addressing individual issues and opportunities separately rather than stepping back to see how they fit within the bigger systems at play. This approach addresses symptoms instead of root causes, so issues keep recurring and opportunities aren’t leveraged. This module introduces leaders to Result of Note™ whole systems thinking, so they can identify and act on what matters most to optimize the performance of their people and the business. Topics include:

  • What systems thinking is and why it’s the most important skill to master to leverage your effectiveness as a leader
  • Key principles of Result of Note™ systems thinking – how to save time, money and stress by addressing issues right the first time
  • The systems thinking iceberg method for effective problem-solving
  • Systems vs. habits and how to cultivate both in your team
Essential 6: Play the Long Game

Leadership is a long game. There will always be another issue to address, another opportunity to capitalize on, and another goal to achieve. People gravitate towards leadership roles because they are achievement oriented, but unless they learn to manage their energy effectively for the long haul, leaders will find their effectiveness diminishing over time. This module provides leaders with key tools for taking care of their own wellbeing, so they can sustain the resilience, energy, clarity and focus they need to support others. Topics include:

  • The SHEN™ foundations for keeping the energy and focus vampires at bay.
  • The four foundations for sustaining energy, performance and fulfillment in life and work.
  • How to select what goes on your plate to maximize the return on investment from where you and your team spend your time.
  • Developing your Learning Leader Plan™, to grow your engagement, performance and fulfillment in the coming year.

What Leaders are Saying

“A noticeable change in performance from those who’ve taken this course. Their learning curve is on steroids.”
“I no longer have to wing it. I have a playbook to achieve results.”
“I’m better at building trust in my day-to-day interactions with my team.”
“I’m far more confident in tackling the tough stuff, delegating work, and helping my team grow.”
“It’s given me certainty about what works. I don’t have to guess anymore.”

Meet Your Instructor

Andrea Jacques


Andrea has spent three decades helping people and businesses worldwide to model purpose-driven leadership, find meaningful work, create soulful success, and build businesses that make the world a better place. Five of these years were spent in Japan where her study of Japanese business practices, arts, culture and Zen Buddhism influenced her work on how cultivating passion, purpose and fulfillment are essential foundations for growing resilience, innovation and impact in a rapidly changing world.

As the founder of Kyosei Consulting, Andrea is a dynamic international speaker, facilitator, and executive coach who is on a mission to grow leaders at every level in life and work. Merging eastern and western business philosophy with top-tier leadership, wellness and sustainability concepts – she has helped thousands to cultivate passions, engage their teams and create truly thriving lives and workplaces.


Starts Thursday, January 18, 2024 and runs every third Thursday of the month until June 20, 2024. All sessions are from 9am to 12pm PDT.


Is the instructor teaching the course live?

Yes, your instructor will be teaching this course live via Zoom, so you will be able to ask question to ensure you can apply the learning to your unique situation. You’ll also have access to a whole cohort of other amazing leaders to learn from in the live sessions.

Will I have access to the instructor if I have questions?

Absolutely! This course has regular open office hours via Zoom where anyone can drop in to get their questions answered or get a bit of support to complete their assignments for each module. Our team will also respond to your email inquiries as quickly as we can. You’ve made a commitment to yourself and we’re here to support you all the way!

Will the live sessions be recorded?

All sessions will be recorded, so you can listen to them at a different time if you need to miss all or part of a session. That said, we highly encourage you to arrange your schedule to attend all sessions live. The insights and relationships that come from the large group discussions, breakout rooms, and “real time” reflection exercises during class can’t be duplicated by simply watching the recordings. Make this commitment to yourself and clear the space to lean into the learning fully.

How much time should I plan to commit to this course?

The answer to this question varies depending on the person. Some participants will only spend an hour reflecting on their goals and assignments outside of class and others will find that they want to spend several hours. We have designed the course so that the work can be completed within no more than an hour of time outside of class, but this course does attract keeners who invest far more time to dig into the material in ways that continually surprise us. And remember, each module you will be choosing your own Leadership Challenge to apply your learning in ways that are meaningful to you and your team. This means that the time you spend to apply your learning will save you time, energy, and stress in both the short and long run.  The more you invest, the more rewards you will experience.

Where can I access the course once I’ve registered?

Once you’ve registered for the course, you will receive an official confirmation via email with instructions to log into our learning portal. Depending on the date you register, the materials for the first module may not be open yet as we want your insights from completing the preliminary work to be fresh in your mind for Day One. We will not open the first module until two weeks before the start date of the course. Once the course begins, the work for the next module will be available immediately upon completion of the live session for that week.

Do I need any special equipment to complete the course?

All you need is a computer, an email account, a camera with a working microphone, and the ability to access URLs (with Zoom links) sent to attend the live sessions. If you’re uncertain whether you’re setup correctly, you can do a quick test with Zoom by going here:

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the materials from this program! We also plan to roll out additional benefits, free resources, and special pricing for our “founding member” clients in our open enrollment programs as a recognition of your commitment to grow as a leader.

Can I use the tools with my team?

Absolutely! This program is designed to be used with your team, and the tools you will gain are designed to be shared. Before you do share them with your team, however, we encourage you to give yourself time to fully integrate your own learning first. We’ve all experienced someone coming off a “course high” passionately “spewing” their learning at us without any context. It can leave you feeling lost, overwhelmed, or even insulted. Planning and preparation is key for sharing with your team. We will help you fine-tune your Leadership Challenge each module so that you are sharing things with your team in ways that will be effective. As part of the last module, you will also be creating an action plan to integrate and apply your learning. If sharing your learning with your team is part of your plan, we will support you to come up with strategies for making that successful.

What if I want ongoing support after I complete the course?

We’ve got you covered! Kyosei offers many additional training programs as well as individual and group coaching services to support you and your team keep growing as leaders.


6 Month Leadership Program: $4997

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This program builds competencies in the following areas:

  • Leadership & Culture
  • Systems & Productivity
  • Work & Wellbeing

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Starts Thursday January 18 and runs every 3rd Thursday of the month until June 20, 2024. All sessions are from 9am to 12pm noon, PDT.

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