This training session provides small business owners, entrepreneurs, and any employees or managers who are tasked with designing and implementing an online marketing strategy for their company with a solid understanding of how to build a successful online marketing strategy. By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive online marketing road map for navigating the confusing mase of online marketing options that are presented to them on a daily basis and choosing options to maximize the return on the time and money they invest in this critical business building area.  (Note: An assessment of participants online marketing knowledge will be conducted prior to delivery of this course to ensure that the level of training delivered will be the best fit for participant’s needs.)

Instructional Objectives:

This module covers the following topics:

  • Brand Building: The components of a cohesive brand;
  • Industry Competitive Analysis: An overview of the tools and techniques used to glean industry insight and real-time competitive advantage. Learn impossible to find’ metrics including your competitor’s online advertising budget, ad samples, their social sentiment and their traffic figures. Used as your baseline, you will then be able to strategically expand your online presence with a minimum of expense or time lost.
  • SEO: Learn how rank is determined, what rank indicators matter most, what’s most often missed and what strategies are evergreen. Learn how to find keyword opportunities and fine tune your ad and site copy to your targets. Overview of Landing pages, Microsites and Blogs and how, when they are best used for brand and SEO building.
  • Analytics: learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics to best evaluate your online marketing direction.
  • CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization — Transform your website into a conversion powerhouse. Optimize your sales funnel and learn how to improve conversions with easy to implement multivariate split testing and tracking to understand which parts of a marketing campaign are under performing.
  • Behavioral psychology and online marketing: learn how to better frame client’s expectations for better perceived service, reduced support issues, higher satisfaction and increased referrals. How to implement ethical marketing strategies that are tremendously persuasive. Learn the copy, design and psychological triggers, that (when used ethically within the context of your brand) best convert and up-sell most effectively.
  • SEM: Plugging the bucket — Learn how to use retargeting & remarketing to establish authority and convert more undecided prospects into committed customers.
  • SMM: Social Media Marketing —optimize SMM strategy by pinpointing your target market demographic and leveraging automation tools and tactics to maximize conversion while minimizing time invested.
  • Note: Number of training hours correlates with degree of depth and application of material in each of the above areas. In the 12 hour program, for example, each area above is covered at a very high level. In the 48 hour program, each area has six hours of focused instruction and customized application assignments.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Develop an effective online marketing plan for their business;
  • Logically scale their online marketing plan for maximum effect and least time and money wasted;
  • Link their online marketing efforts to their brand strategy;
  • Measure the results of their online marketing efforts (and fine-tune them over time); and
  • Increase the volume and quality of leads generated through their online marketing efforts.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration: 12 Hours, 24 Hours, 36 Hours, 48 HoursFull-day

Format: Entrepreneur Training, Group Training, One-on-One Training