Are you a dedicated leader who’s been so focused on taking care of your team that any thoughts of your own fulfillment, engagement and wellbeing have been put on the back burner?  


If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.

This past year has put a heavy load on leaders just to keep their people safe and able to do their jobs. But dedicated leaders don’t stop there. They strive to go the extra mile to engage their employees and build a culture of wellbeing and fulfillment – not just high performance. Unfortunately, most conscious leaders forget to factor their own engagement and wellbeing into the equation. This leaves them feeling exhausted and overwhelmed far too often, diminishing their capacity to grow engagement, resilience, wellbeing and performance in their team. The simple fact is that if leaders aren’t thriving, teams aren’t thriving.

To break free of the cycle of achievement by exhaustion and make lasting gains in engaging their people, leaders need to shift their understanding of how – and where – engagement happens. Most leaders see engagement as something they must do for their employees, but research shows that up to 94% of engagement is driven by employees themselves. This means that what employees (and leaders!) really need is a framework to take charge of their own engagement. This course provides you with that framework.

When it comes to employee engagement, you need to “put your own mask on first”. This ensures you have the skills, knowledge, tools and energy to support yourself and others. This highly interactive course introduces the Kyosei Thrive Model™, a simple framework for understanding what drives and blocks performance, engagement, energy, wellbeing and fulfillment at work. It will also help you see how all those other balls you are juggling (i.e., culture, diversity, inclusion, change management, employee engagement, strategy, technology, innovation – and a little thing called the pandemic) fit together, so you can understand where to focus your efforts for maximum results.

By the end of this live interactive course (delivered via Zoom) you will:

  • Understand the Kyosei Thrive Model™ and Life-Work Integrity™ frameworks and be able to use them to drive a new vision of work that enhances your energy, performance, engagement and fulfillment over time.
  • Understand your current Energy Signature™ mindset and how it drives and blocks your energy, performance, wellbeing and fulfillment at work.
  • Complete your Life-Work Integrity™ Blueprint and immediate Personal Integrity Goals™ to increase your fulfillment and engagement at work over the coming 3-6 months.
  • Gain insight on how these frameworks can support not just performance and engagement, but resilience, inclusion, respect, trust, innovation and growing a thriving culture in remote and hybrid teams.
  • Connect with an amazing support network of other leaders who are on the path to creating a new vision of work where everyone – including themselves – thrives!

(Next course starts Wednesday May 26. Spots are limited for this cohort so sign up soon. See more details and sign-up below.)

Instructional Objectives:

Module One: Update Your Operating System

The reason so many leaders struggle to get and keep both themselves and their team engaged, is that they are leading based on a management mindset that was meant for the industrial age. This module introduces a new framework for leading that will provide you with insight on how engagement, performance, culture, strategy, change and all those other buzzwords fit together to drive wellbeing, fulfillment and results. It’s not that all of these elements are ineffective, it’s just that they aren’t the whole picture. This misguided mindset creates a constant tug-of-war between performance and fulfillment, causing leaders to waste tons of energy and effort to engage their team. This module will introduce you to the Kyosei Thrive Model™ and Life-Work Integrity™ frameworks to upgrade the “operating system” on your human “computer” so you have the mindset, tools and knowledge you need to thrive as a leader in the new world of work.

Module Two: Discover Your Energy Drivers and Blockers

When faced with the chronic “always on” challenges of the new world of work, employees at every level need to understand what drains and fuels their energy and performance at work on a much deeper level. This module will help you understand how strengths and values drive and block energy, focus and results for yourself and your team members. You will also gain insight into how traditional leadership best practices inadvertently block people from tapping into their own intrinsic motivation, and how these two Core Passions™ are key leverage points for fostering inclusion and developing a deeper appreciation of diversity in your team. You will identify your own strengths and values, and begin to complete your Life-Work Integrity™ Blueprint that will guide you towards greater energy, wellbeing and fulfillment for years to come.

Module Three: Finding Purpose and Focus

With so many things on your plate, it’s difficult to determine what really matters both to you and the organization. This module teaches you how to rate your organization’s purpose and vision and understand how it may be driving or blocking engagement. You will also discover how these elements build resilience, drive change, foster innovation and allow individuals, teams and organizations to communicate, collaborate and co-create more effectively despite rapid change and constant disruption from inside and outside the business. Finally, you will outline the core elements of your own personal purpose and vision, and understand how to use them to choose priorities, maintain focus, and respond to change without losing site of what matters most.

Module Four: Linking Your Learning

While you will be applying your learning in between each module of the course in your life and work, the final module ensures that you have a clear (and realistic) set of goals to integrate your learning and are clear on the next steps. Based on more than three decades of experience helping people and organizations to thrive, we also inoculate you against the most common ways we’ve seen leaders sabotage their energy, focus and fulfillment as they work to apply their learning, and help you identify strategies to address your unique brand of resistance. This module brings home how these frameworks can also be used to foster inclusion, create respect for diversity, grow resilience, communicate culture and create connection in remote and hybrid teams, drive innovation, manage change and improve results. You will leave with your completed Life-Work Integrity™ Blueprint, clear Personal Integrity Goals™ and a Learning Action Plan that will support you to take charge of your own engagement (and support your teams’ engagement) for years to come!

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the Kyosei Thrive Model™ and Life-Work Integrity™ frameworks for enhancing energy, efficiency performance, wellbeing, engagement and fulfillment at work.
  • Have completed their Life-Work Integrity™ Blueprints and understand how to use it to enhance their own energy, performance, engagement and fulfillment over time.
  • Have identified their immediate Personal Integrity Goals™ and created a Learning Action Plan to increase their fulfillment and engagement.
  • Gain insight on how they might support their team to take charge of their own engagement.

Course Format & Dates 

Our next public course runs live via Zoom for 4 Wednesdays from May 26 – June 16, 2021 (hours are 9AM-Noon PDT). Click the button below to register.

For the last 20 years this program has only been available in-house to our corporate clients, but to support more leaders, managers and HR professional world-wide, we’re offering it publicly for the first time!

To celebrate, tickets are just $997 (that’s 50% off the regular price of $1,997!). We will be limiting the group to just 10 participants ensuring ample attention to each person’s unique needs. We are excited to work with some amazing leaders (like you!) to help you refocus, re-energize and rediscover your power to thrive!

Delivered in four half-day sessions over a one-month period, this course is designed to help you take your learning and immediately apply it to your work between sessions. Join this exclusive group to share with and learn from other leaders who are facing similar challenges.

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Course Delivery Options:

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  • This program can also be delivered in-house for your leaders, intact teams, or employees at any level. Please e-mail with the size of your team and approximate delivery dates you want and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.