Amplify Your Potential to Thrive in the New World of Work.


Program Overview

Want to discover the secrets to amplifying the energy, wellbeing, fulfillment, and impact of yourself and your team? It’s time to ditch the pursuit of employee engagement. Despite years of engagement surveys and workshops, organizations still struggle to engage their people for three reasons:

  1. Leaders understand engagement in theory, but struggle to sustain their own engagement, let alone grow anyone else’s.
  2. Engagement is ultimately something that each person must create for themselves.
  3. Employee engagement is on the company’s agenda, not the employees’.

The Life-Work Integrity® Masterclass takes you beyond engagement, upgrades your “operating system” and programs you to unlock the potential of yourself and your people with greater efficiency and ease. Defined as “a state of thriving characterized by alignment between your authentic self, what you do in all areas of your life and work, and a world where everyone thrives”, Life-Work Integrity creates a new definition of success that ends the tug-of-war between performance and fulfillment by amplifying both wellbeing and impact.

Why Attend?

If you or your people are feeling distracted, divided, disengaged, overworked, or under-fulfilled this program is for you. From the C-suite to the front line, this hands-on session is designed to empower everyone with a powerful framework to amplify their own energy,wellbeing, focus, and engagement.

Key Takeaways:

Your and your team will leave this powerful one-day masterclass knowing how to:

  • Elevate Your Success Framework: Understand Life-Work Integrity® model – a new operating system that grows focus, creativity, and results by increasing energy, wellbeing, and fulfillment.
  • Plug Energy Leaks: Spot and learn how to seal the energy drains that hinder your performance and wellbeing.
  • Charge While You Drive: Discover what fuels your energy, focus, productivity, and fulfillment so that you have more days that end with that “good tired” feeling.
  • Ramp Up Resilience: Tap into the power of systems and stories to keep you on track when your outdated operating system tries to take back control.
  • Amplify Focus: Draft your purpose and vision, so you can calibrate your internal GPS to stay on course, even as you navigate around obstacles along the way.
  • Align Action: Solidify insights on your Life-Work Integrity Canvas™ and create a 90-day plan to unlock your full potential in life and work.


For Leaders: Finally find a sustainable approach to authentically engage yourself and your team and empower everyone with a simple framework to achieve results without exhausting everyone in the process.

For Individuals: Stop feeling distracted, divided, and depleted. Learn what it takes to get and stay focused, energized, and fulfilled so you can have more fun and get more done than you ever dreamed possible.

For Teams: Foster inclusivity by coming together to share who you are as human beings, not just human “resources”. Develop an appreciation for individual differences, perspectives, and passions as well as the common ground that helps you all to thrive – both as individuals and as a team.


Join us for this immersive one-day workshop, either on-site or remotely via Zoom. Contact to discuss your team’s needs and receive a customized quote.

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