Kyosei Consulting is a training, coaching and creative firm with more than two decades of experience working with everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 500’s. For larger organizations, we serve as a business “special ops” team parachuting in to provide out-of-the box strategy and seasoned expertise for special projects. For smaller businesses, we provide a team’s-worth of marketing and business support without the recurring payroll expense!

We provide business services to large companies through Kyosei Consulting, entrepreneur training (through Kyosei Coaching), and creative and marketing strategy (through sister arm Kyosei Creative).

Do you want to hear more about Kyosei’s founding principles and history? Read this interview with our founder, Andrea Jacques.

Kyosei (kyō – say) is a Japanese word that means “living and working together for the common good.” Kyosei is more than just our name – it’s our cause and our calling. We’re on a mission to transform the ways people live, work and do business in order to build foundations for a world where everyone wins. What you sell and how you do it has a huge impact on this. If making a dollar is your only concern, you probably won’t get jazzed by working with us. However, if you’re a purpose-driven business leader who values making a difference and does not need to be convinced that lasting success is built on integrity, courage, creativity and contribution in your marketing as well as in all aspects of your business, we’d love to hear from you.