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  • The ethics of disruption

    The Ethics of Disruption

    Every business leader dreams of a disruptive innovation that changes the way we live or work. For some, the motivation is purely creative. They want to solve a problem, make a difference, or do things in a way that no one has done before. For others, the driving force...
  • Performance to fulfilment

    Manage Employee Fulfillment for Peak Performance

    Part seven in our Mindsets of Workplace Transformation series. How does a great leader maximize performance? Great leaders — and their most successful employees — understand that sustaining peak performance goes hand in hand with supporting employee fulfillment. This seventh Mindset of Workplace Transformation asks you to shift your...
  • Overwhelming number of tasks.

    Efficiency vs Effectiveness: Resisting the Tyranny of To-Do

    Have you ever had a day, a week, or even a year where you have a nagging sense that, despite being exhaustingly busy, you haven’t been that productive? You’re not alone. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, it’s easy to focus on getting things done and lose...
  • Slow down to speed up

    The Productivity Prison

    Are you one of those leaders who’s always pressuring your team — and yourself — to get things done faster? You’re not alone. The “time is money” philosophy at the heart of this mindset is also the heart of the industrial age management philosophy on which most traditional business “best practices”...
  • Purpose-Driven Leadership: Why and How to Make the Shift.

    In part 4 in our Mindsets of Workplace Transformation series, we examine how purpose-driven leadership and profit-driven leadership don’t have to be at odds. In previous installments, I’ve covered three key mindset shifts leaders must make to transform their workplace from struggling to thriving: the shift from seeking status...
  • Quiz: Are You a Micromanager or Do You Just Lack Systems?

    Despite knowing that micromanaging is not the most effective use of their time, most managers struggle with getting employees to uphold standards and achieve results. Find out if your lack of systems is holding you back with this quiz.