Our Work Creates Our World

At Kyosei, we believe that work isn’t just how we make a living – it’s how we create our world. 

You spend 90,000 hours of your life at work Whether those hours create misery or magic for you and others matters – a lot. But the old models of success, quite frankly, suck. Everyone’s exhausted, a win in one area creates a loss in another, and we are stuck in a cycle of diminishing returns that pits us against one another – and even ourselves. 

That’s why reinventing not just “how” but “why” we work is essential to build a brighter future for us all. It’s why, for more than two decades, we’ve been working with leaders, entrepreneurs and difference makers around the world to create a new vision of life, work and business that focuses not just on generating profits, but on regenerating themselves and the world around them.

A New Vision of Work for a Better World

This new vision of work reminds us that sustaining performance, results and impact requires that we also nurture wellbeing and fulfillment. Rather than draining every ounce of energy out of your human “resources”, this “virtuous cycle” grows the capacity of people to continuously revitalize themselves, their business and the world we share.

What We Do

To create a new vision of work – and a world – where everyone thrives, we build the capacity of your team in 5 key areas:

What We Do Figure

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Grow Leaders at Every Level

To create a world where everyone thrives, we need leaders at every level, in every organization, every community and every family.

But not just any leaders – we need Kyosei™ leaders who understand how to partner with their people to amplify performance, fulfillment and impact.

Boost Well-being at Work
— and Life!

With burnout on  the rise, work isn’t working for anyone anymore. We need a new vision of work  where success isn’t at odds with well-being.

Our Life-Work Integrity®  framework provides a human-centered vision of  life and work where performance, success, well-being and fulfillment can coexist without compromise.

Innovate with Result of Note™ Whole Systems Thinking

We all know that the time has come to stop focusing on productivity, innovation, and profits at the expense of  our humanity and the  planet – but where do we start?

Our Principled Productivity™ and Result of Note ™ habit design and systems thinking frameworks will strengthen your capacity for whole systems thinking that solves current challenges without fueling future frustrations.

Create a High Impact Kyosei Culture™

Kyosei Cultures are constantly growing performance, fulfillment and impact – as well as results and profits.

Our KI-Q™ culture assessment fast-tracks  your insights on where to start to amplify the energy, resilience, and systems your team needs to lead change and build not just a business, but a world, where everyone thrives..

Insights & Tools for Leaders


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