Shaping a World Beyond Work

At Kyosei, we believe that work isn’t just how we make a living — it’s how we build a better world.

Why?  You’ll spend roughly 90,000 hours of your life working. Whether those hours fuel a cycle of relentless competition, stress and burnout or act as a catalyst for more meaning, wellbeing, integrity and positive impact matters…a lot. And not just for your future, but for a brighter future for us all.

Transforming both the “how” and the “why” of work is the key. For over twenty years, we’ve been collaborating with visionary leaders, game-changing entrepreneurs, and social impact-makers across the globe to reinvent life, work, and business in ways that regenerate ourselves, our workplaces and our planet.

Join us in revolutionizing not just the way we work, but the world we share.


Leading a New Vision of Work

Grow Leaders at Every Level with Kyosei Consulting: Experts in Leadership Training, Team Building, Culture Design, Executive Coaching and Team Coaching. Whether you’re looking to develop emerging leaders, support middle management, reinvigorate senior leaders or transform your culture, our custom training, coaching and consulting services will help your team manage change, grow employee engagement, and cultivate the visionary leadership  and industry foresight your organization needs to adapt, innovate and excel. Kyosei Consulting — building a world where everyone thrives.

Reimagining Work to Revitalize Our World

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Our proven approach underscores that long-term success—be it in performance, results, or social impact—is driven by well-being and fulfillment…not profits. Sustainable growth, profit and financial wellbeing can only be driven by genuine value creation for all stakeholders. Instead of viewing your team as expendable “resources” to be “used up”, our approach creates a sustainable “virtuous cycle” that amplifies human potential,  business impact and the capacity of everyone to thrive. 

What We Do

We elevate your team’s skills in five key areas: 

What We Do Figure

Growing Leaders at Every Level

To create a world where EVERYONE thrives, we need to cultivate transformative leaders—Kyosei™ leaders—at every level of our workplaces and society.

These aren’t just any leaders; they’re visionaries who understand the art and science of partnering with others to build trust, ignite performance, amplify fulfillment, and magnify impact. In organizations, communities, and even families, anyone and can be a Kyosei™ leader and do their part to co-create our thriving future.

Elevate Well-being at Work
— and in Life!

Burnout is the new epidemic and signals that our current work models are broken. It’s time to redefine success in ways that don’t require us to compromise our well-being.

Enter our Life-Work Integrity® framework—a radical reimagining of the work-life dynamic where performance and well-being aren’t mutually exclusive. Here, success, performance, fulfillment, and well-being coalesce, making compromise a thing of the past.

Unleash Next-Level Impact with Result of Note™ Whole Systems Thinking

The era of chasing productivity and profits at the cost of human well-being and planetary health is over. The question is, what’s next?

Introducing Result of Note™ —our robust systems-thinking framework designed to amplify problem-solving prowess without sowing the seeds of future dilemmas. Transform challenges into opportunities while respecting both humanity and the Earth —and unlock next-level impact.

Forge an Unstoppable Kyosei Culture™

Gone are the days when culture was a mere afterthought. In a Kyosei Culture, integrity, inclusion, fulfillment, and social impact aren’t just buzzwords—they’re the pillars of sustainable growth, results, and profitability. 

Our KI-Q™ culture assessment accelerates your journey toward a team equipped with the energy, resilience, and systems required to not only lead change but also construct a world where thriving is the status quo for everyone.

Insights & Tools for Leaders

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Discover new leadership books from the Kyosei team, including our latest release, "Wabi-Sabi Wisdom: Inspiration for An Authentic Life," (and stay tuned for more exciting releases coming later this year!).

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New from Kyosei — free resources to enhance leadership and drive growth. Check back as we build out this new section of our website with tools, white papers, infographics, templates and more

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Whether seeking training for groups, individuals or leaders - our flexible formats (including LMS, live streaming, gamified and in-person workshops) provide a world class experience second to none!


Kyosei (key-ō-say) is a Japanese word that means “living and working together for the common good.” It is more than just our name – it’s our cause and our calling.

If you feel the call too – call us… we’d love to help!

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