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When it comes to work and wellbeing, most organizations pick just a few parts – such as physical, mental, or financial – to focus on. But research shows that this “divide and conquer” approach has limited effectiveness.


Because wellbeing is more than the sum of its parts. Like riding a bicycle, wellbeing requires us to do multiple things at once without really thinking about it. But the relationship between wellbeing is far more complex and less well understood than riding a bike.

And it’s costing your company a lot more than you think…

Work & Wellbeing

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

—Albert Einstein

The Dollars and Sense of Wellbeing at Work

per year globally
$ 1 B

The amount it costs companies to deal with poor employee mental health.

—World Economic Forum. Mental Health in the Workplace: the Coming Revolution (2021)

less absentism
1 %

Companies with wellness programs see a 66% reduction in absenteeism.

—Harvard Business Review. State of the the Global Workforce Report (2022)

1 x

Organizations that prioritize employee wellbeing outperform competitors by up to 2.3 times.

—Harvard Business Review.
The Business Case for Employee Well-Being (2021)

So … how do you master wellbeing at work?

Whole People. Whole Systems.

Enhancing wellbeing at work requires a holistic approach – one that considers the workplace culture and individual mindset factors that support it. Our Life-Work Integrity® and Kyosei Culture™ frameworks offer a human-centered, whole-systems vision of work that empowers employees at every level to work together grow their performance, fulfillment, wellbeing and results.
“You can’t optimize performance without optimizing fulfillment.”
Andrea Jacques

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