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CSLI: Training, Brand Development & Strategic Planning


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CSLI, an award-winning private ESL institute in Vancouver, BC, had nearly two decades of success under its belt. Yet the owners craved more—specifically, a refreshed brand and empowered staff that would free them from the minutiae of daily operations.

Enter Kyosei. Collaborating closely with CSLI’s senior staff and educators, we ignited a transformation that catapulted them among Canada’s elite ESL institutions.

Our tailored strategic planning sessions laid down a clear, actionable roadmap for growth. Through our brand foundation workshops, CSLI unearthed its core values, honed its unique strengths, and crystallized its vision and mission. We rolled out specialized Professional Development programs, covering areas such as leadership, time management, project management, marketing strategies, and customer service mastery. On top of that, we offered focused coaching to key leadership figures to instill confidence and competence.

The impact of Kyosei’s partnership was nothing short of transformative. CSLI shifted from operating at full capacity for a mere half-year to maintaining their rigorous quality standards while staying booked solid most of the year. The accolades poured in too—Consumer’s Choice awards and exclusive international accreditations that only the best can boast.

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