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Mountain Equipment Co-op: Employee Engagement & Inspiring Passion in the Workplace


  • Employee Engagement

Fresh off an employee engagement survey, MEC sought actionable insights to elevate their team dynamics. They reached out to Kyosei, having heard rave reviews from our satisfied client, Vancity.

What made our collaboration with MEC so rewarding was their inherent commitment to outdoor and life experiences, seamlessly blending work-life balance and sustainability into their brand ethos. Though passion, well-being, and environmental stewardship were already part of their DNA, maintaining a robust financial bottom-line was essential. That’s where employee engagement came into play—because when people flourish, so does business.

To address their unique needs, we tailored our “Inspiring Passion in the Workplace” program, integrating findings from MEC’s engagement survey. Our focus was on empowering leaders to ignite the intrinsic m

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