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Nokia: Presentation Bootcamp


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Nokia was ahead of its time with an early version of what we now know as an app store. After successfully launching the platform, the challenge shifted to sustaining its vibrancy. The aim? To get 75% of approached developers on board—a tall order for a team primarily comprised of engineers, not sales or presentation maestros.

Enter Kyosei. Our role was to catalyze this team of world-class engineers into world-class presenters. We orchestrated every facet of the keynote preparation, from crafting custom animated presentations to orchestrating intensive feedback sessions and rehearsals and writing speeches, all geared toward spotlighting each presenter’s unique flair.

The impact was nothing short of phenomenal. A staggering 110% of leads invited to the launch signed up, smashing the original target and surpassing expectations fourfold. 110%?  Some developers were so impressed by the event they enlisted additional peers to join the platform.

Simply put, Kyosei didn’t just help Nokia meet their goal; we helped them redefine what was possible, securing a performance lift that was both quantifiable and awe-inspiring.

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