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Vancity: Employee Engagement & Values Alignment


  • Employee Engagement

When Kyosei’s founder, Andrea Jacques, transitioned from Japan to Vancouver to establish her consulting firm, one of her first clients was Vancity—a banking institution emblematic of leadership, employee engagement, and corporate sustainability. In other words, exactly the type of forward-thinking company Kyosei loves to collaborate with.

Vancity was already attuned to the critical role of employee engagement in delivering exceptional customer service. Leveraging insights from their engagement survey, we implemented the Kyosei Thrive Model to identify areas for growth, stir up organizational enthusiasm, and align personal and business values seamlessly.

The prevailing approach to corporate values alignment back then was largely prescriptive—tell employees the corporate values and how they should manifest them. It wasn’t an approach that Vancity subscribed to. Instead, our customized programs empowered employees to identify their intrinsic values and authentically connect them to the organizational ethos.

Not only were our programs met with resounding approval, but they also generated a wave of referrals, laying the groundwork for subsequent collaborations with organizations like VANOC and MEC. All in all, our partnership with Vancity wasn’t just a project—it was a powerful validation of how aligned values and empowered employees can drive success.

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