With more than 25 years of leadership and employee development training experience under our belts, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft learning and development programs that get the results you want in your team and your business. The following list of training topics provides an overview of typical topics and formats. Please fill out our Training Needs Assessment and one of our experienced trainers will be happy to meet with you to discuss your training needs in more detail, clarify the learning objectives you have for your team, and provide recommendations on which of our programs will achieve your desired results.

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  • Advanced Governance Training for Senior Leaders

    Most senior leaders have some level of experience working with boards. Despite experiencing challenges with their boards, however, they often hesitate to get formal training in this area because they don’t want to waste time learning things they already know or getting general information that doesn’t apply to their unique situation. Our Advanced Governance Training for Senior Leaders is designed to address these challenges.

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  • Governance Foundations for Specialized Staff

    This training program provides participants with an overview of good governance practices, an understanding of how to participate effectively in committees and task forces, and a detailed overview of the particularities of how their organization’s bylaws and terms of reference might impact their work with the Board.

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