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  • Branding With Integrity

    Everyone has blindspots – those wonderful places where how we see ourselves lives in blissful ignorance of how the rest of the world knows us to be. Blindspots also exist in organizations – often as cultural blackholes of denial or virtual ostrich farms with heads stuck so deeply in...
  • Careers in the New World of Work

    Having a career used to conjure up images of navy blue suits, striped ties, mahogany desks and getting the corner office. With the need for organizations to become more agile and adaptable hierarchies have flattened, leaving fewer rungs to climb on the traditional ladder. Furthermore, employees have adapted to...
  • Conscious Choices – Good Thing, Bad Thing

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    One day a Japanese university student came running to the temple of a Zen master crying, “Master, Master, the water pipes in my apartment broke and the whole tatami floor is flooded, isn’t it terrible?”  The master simply smiled and replied “Good thing, bad thing, who...

  • I’ll Have Mine With Wabi-Sabi

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    In Western society we obsess about perfection. The perfect mate. Perfect car. Perfect job. Perfect looks. Perfect life. It never ends. As a collective we sand-down the edges of ‘real’ reality until there is no real substance left. At what point do we evaporate into a...

  • TOKYO FAMILIES MAGAZINE (Cover Story) – Single vs Family: the right to choose

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    Fresh off the press – my article was chosen for the cover of Tokyo Families Magazine this month. Here’s a tease (I hope you enjoy it):
    A recent article in The Japan Times suggested that Japanese people in their 20s and 30s are delaying marriage and...

  • Coming Soon to a Future Near You!

    Kyosei Coaching -We’re just finishing off the last bits of our new coaching site. Watch here for updates! - kyoseigirl (Kyosei Coaching)