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Stressed in the City
Andrea Jacques

Stressed in the City: Leverage Your Strengths
Part 1

Kyosei Coaching

Many stress experts tout things such as exercise, meditation, journaling, and walking in nature as solutions for managing stress. These are great in theory – and even in practice – but what if you just can’t find the time to fit anything more in? How can you optimize what you are already doing to increase energy, reduce stress, and avoid adding one more thing into your already overloaded schedule?
Simple – leverage your strengths.
First, let’s differentiate between natural strengths …

(Kyosei Coaching)

Andrea Jacques

How to Keep Employees Happy and Productive (Without Huge Salaries)

Following up on the theme of last week’s post, we’d like to focus on how employers can keep and engage core talent by keeping employees happy and productive without paying huge salaries. That’s not to say that Gravity Payments’ model, which involved CEO Dan Price taking a major pay cut to boost his employee minimum pay to $70,000, didn’t get Gravity Payments workers pretty excited; however, this model is unlikely to work sustainably for many firms. (That said, paying employees a good living wage is essential, and we are excited to see how Price’s radical experiment goes.)

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