Defining Roles & Responsibilities

Most employers use job descriptions to hire a new employee but seldom refer to them again. For this reason, all too many small and mid-size businesses have out-of-date job descriptions. This presents a significant challenge when it comes to managing the performance of your team because it means that both managers and the employees lack clarity on who is responsible for what. Businesses and employees naturally evolve over time, so job descriptions need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that all of your team members have clarity on their roles and responsibilities and the results they are accountable for achieving. This course provides managers and entrepreneurs with an understanding of how to write or refine job descriptions to create maximum clarity for their team members, grow peak performance, and support the achievement of business results with greater speed and ease.

Instructional Objectives:

The following topics will be covered:

  • How clearly defined roles and responsibilities make it easier to lead and manage your team;
  • The components of results-oriented job descriptions;
  • Defining reporting relationships to facilitate teamwork and eliminate power struggles;
  • When and how to update job descriptions;
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators;
  • Communicating roles, responsibilities and expectations;
  • Linking job descriptions to performance reviews;
  • Job description pitfalls to avoid;
  • Action plans and priorities for updating your team’s job descriptions.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training session participants will:

  • Understand why regular updates to job descriptions are critical to sustain peak performance of their team members;
  • Be able to write results-oriented job descriptions;
  • Know how to communicate changes in roles and responsibilities effectively to their team;
  • Have a clear plan of action for regularly updating the roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships of all employees in their business.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration & Resources:

4 Hours

Available as (Delivery Format):

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