High-Performance Teamwork Foundations

This course provides participants with the skills, knowledge and motivation to improve team effectiveness, thus increasing customer service and business profitability. It serves as a foundation for our other programs that enhance teamwork as it provides participants with a clear understanding of what teamwork is, the importance of teamwork for a thriving business, and the manager’s role in enhancing teamwork.

Instructional Objectives:

This training program provides participants with skills and knowledge to improve team performance. The following topics will be covered:

  • What teamwork is and what it isn’t – dispelling common teamwork misconceptions;
  • Research on how teamwork links to improved productivity, customer service, efficiency, and profitability;
  • What’s in it for you? How teamwork links to reduced stress and enhanced job satisfaction;
  • The manager’s/leader’s role in enhancing teamwork;
  • The definition of a high performance team and how it differs from a traditional work group;
  • The three elements of High Performance teams;
  • The four types of teams;
  • The stages of team development; and
  • Strategies for moving teams from one stage of development to the next.

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Know where their team is at in the stages of team development;
  • Understand a variety of tools and techniques to move their team to the next level of performance; and
  • Have a concrete action plan for improving their ability to work together as a team to enhance customer service, employee performance and satisfaction, and business profitability.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration & Resources:

Available as (Delivery Format):

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