Leading Engagement in Your Team

Discover why employee engagement is the leading strategy for improving, performance, productivity, innovation and profits, and gain the skills and knowledge you need to foster engagement in all of your team members. This highly interactive training provides leaders and managers with a solid understanding of what employee engagement is, why it matters for both immediate and long-term business success and profitability, and how to positively impact engagement in their team.

Instructional Objectives:

This training program provides participants with the skills and knowledge to enhance employee engagement in their team. It covers in the following topics:

  • Definition of employee engagement;
  • Why employee engagement matters for business: An overview of the research;
  • An overview of top employee engagement models;
  • Employee engagement surveys: when and how to use them to grow engagement;
  • Informal methods of assessing employee engagement;
  • The Kyosei Thrive Model of employee engagement;
  • How values awareness and alignment drives employee engagement;
  • How business purpose drives employee engagement;
  • How clarity of vision drives employee engagement;
  • How individual role alignment drives employee engagement;
  • How leadership style drives employee engagement;
  • The critical link between career alignment, intrinsic motivation, and the ability of employees to take charge of enhancing their own engagement;
  • Taking charge of your own engagement: identification of opportunities and strategies to improve personal engagement at work; and
  • Opportunities and strategies to enhance team/company engagement. (Note: if an employee engagement survey has been done by the company, that data would be used here. If not, participants will do a brief in-class survey to identify key opportunities to improve engagement.)

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training, participating leaders/managers will:

  • Understand how employee engagement drives performance and profits in top companies;
  • Be motivated to positively impact employee engagement based on understanding of personal benefits they will experience from being engaged and working with an engaged team;
  • Have clarity on the specific strengths, opportunities and gaps that are supporting or blocking employee engagement in their company;
  • Identify strategies for enhancing employee engagement, performance, and motivation in their team;
  • Re-affirm the brand foundations (values, strengths, purpose, and vision) that are essential for building a high-engagement culture;
  • Experience enhanced confidence in their leadership abilities and their ability to build a highly engaged and productive team; and
  • Outline an individual and team action plan for growing and sustaining engagement for themselves and their company or business unit.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration & Resources:

8 Hours

Available as (Delivery Format):

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