Productivity Foundations for Owners & Entrepreneurs

Never before have leaders and managers have been faced with so many challenges to productivity – and such a need for it. To ensure their business can both survive immediate challenges and thrive long term, leaders need to better understand the foundations on which business and employee performance and productivity are built. The recent need for many business to shift to remote or hybrid work models has exposed the fact that many leaders lack an understanding of these productivity foundations and that their organizations lack the key systems, structures and processes that support productivity. This program provides a big picture overview of fundamental productivity skills, knowledge, tools, and mindsets that support teams to thrive no matter where they are working from. Many leaders theoretically “know” these fundamentals, but don’t apply them as fully as they could for themselves or their teams. This program is designed to introduce or refresh these fundamentals. More importantly, it includes application assignments for participants to report back on in each subsequent session to ensure that they apply their learning back at work. The entire series is delivered over the course of 3-6 months to ensure owners and entrepreneurs apply their knowledge and develop the productivity habits and systems they need to keep their team working at its peak potential.

Note: This session is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs. Please see Productivity Foundations for Teams if you would like full teams or mixed employee levels to be trained together. Please see Leading a Thriving Team in a Remote Work World to support leaders in managing productivity in a remote or hybrid workforce.


Instructional Objectives:

Module 1: Getting Things Done: Productivity Principles & Practices

  • Assessment of current Productivity Quotient of themselves and their team
  • Why people struggle with getting things done – the 4 productivity FOES
  • Improving Focus – key tools and principles of prioritization
  • Getting and staying Organized – a framework for getting things done
  • Overview of key tools and technology for getting and staying organized
  • Draft of initial action plan to address their productivity development priorities throughout the course.

Module 2: Fundamentals of Resilience and Energy Optimization

  • Identify what drives and blocks your energy, fulfillment, resilience, and results at work and create an action plan to address your gaps.
  • Learn how personal and business resilience work together to create personal and business success.

Module 3: Culture and Productivity

  • What culture is and how it impacts personal productivity and business results
  • The owner’s role in creating culture
  • Assessing the reality of your current culture
  • Defining your ideal culture
  • Creating an action plan to recalibrate your culture, engage your employees (and yourself) and drive higher levels of performance, productivity and impact

Module 4: Knowing What Matters Most: Identifying & Communicating Strategic Priorities

  • How goals and priorities drive business success
  • The danger of too many priorities
  • How to identify what matters most
  • Strategic priorities vs. goals
  • How culture drives strategic priorities
  • Defining your strategic priorities
  • Communicating your strategic priorities to your team

Module 5: Fundamentals of Delegation & Collaboration

  • How delegation and collaboration support and block productivity
  • Key myths and common mistakes that lead to ineffective delegation
  • The five elements of effective delegation and collaboration
  • Utilizing systems to track accountability and monitor progress
  • Tools and technology to support effective delegation

Module 6: High Performance Meeting Fundamentals

  • Meetings as productivity boosters and busters
  • Types of meetings that every healthy business must have
  • Key skills for leading effective meetings
  • Engaging all participants in meetings
  • Supporting inclusion and diversity – why it matters and quick tools to do it
  • Agendas and minutes – why they are essential and how to do them quickly and effectively

Module 7: Fundamentals of Work and Project Planning

  • The four different types of planning
  • Creating a planning habit
  • Project planning purpose, principles, and best practices
  • Applying project planning principles to strategic priorities
  • Show and tell of tools and technology for project planning and task management

Module 8: Fundamentals of Systems Thinking

  • How systems drive productivity
  • The importance of aligning systems with your culture
  • The Result of Note™ mindset – the engine of capacity building
  • Building systems and habits to automate, optimize and improve both results and fulfillment at work.
  • Online project management software and other technology you can use to build systems while doing the work

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Understand the time management FOES that are blocking the energy, productivity, and results of themselves and their team.
  • Have greater clarity on the strategic priorities of their business.
  • Understand why and how to keep their strategic priorities top of mind for their team.
  • Feel more competent, confident and in control of their time, results, and wellbeing.
  • Feel better able to support their team to get and stay productive.
  • Implement concrete action steps throughout the program to address their productivity gaps both as leaders and for their team.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration & Resources:

36 Hours, 48 Hours

Available as (Delivery Format):

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