Result of Note™ Systems Thinking

In order to build strong foundations for performance, productivity, and customer service excellence, employees must become skilled at developing and utilizing systems. The Result of Note (TM) training session provides all team members with the knowledge of why and how to implement systems that will stand the test of time, empowering them to participate more actively in improving personal productivity and business performance. The end result? Less stress, more productivity, higher levels of quality and service, and a healthier bottom line.

A Result of Note™ is defined as any system, habit or ritual that once implemented and committed to seldom, if ever, has to be revisited. While many entrepreneurs recognize the value of systems in enhancing efficiency, productivity, performance and profitability in their business, they run into two obstacles:

  1. Employees are seldom as passionate about creating systems as the owner is. This leads to an attempt at top-down systems implementation and decreases effectiveness because employees feel that the systems are forced upon them.
  2. The creators of systems seldom step back far enough to look at the big picture in building their systems. This leads to the creation of “Band-Aid” systems that are not sustainable.

This training session addresses both of these obstacles to systems creation and provides your team with the knowledge and understanding to create and implement systems that will stand the test of time.

Instructional Objectives:

Give participants an understanding of systems thinking and how to use it to grow their business (and increase their personal productivity) including the following topics:

  • Definition of a system;
  • Definition of Result of Note systems thinking;
  • Why clarity on the mission, vision, values and differentiators of a business is essential for creating Result of Note systems;
  • The difference between systems and habits and why both are important;
  • The 6 step process of creating Result of Note systems;
  • How systems thinking links to customer service excellence;
  • How to evaluate the cost of any business frustration and the profit potential of resolving it;

Measurable Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand how systems thinking is critical to ensure consistent delivery of high levels of customer service that aligns with the core mission, vision, values, strengths and brand promise of the business;
  • Know why systems are important and how they can help them find more time to do what they do best and enjoy most at work while contributing even more to business results;
  • Be able to clearly define the difference between Band-Aid systems and Result of Note systems;
  • Be able to use a simple process for identifying their key frustrations and turning them into Result of Note systems;
  • Know how to identify key opportunities and strategies for implementing systems that will increase sales, foster productivity and efficiency, and increase customer service excellence.
  • Be able to take any frustration they have at work and build systems to address it;
  • Feel more confident, empowered and excited to create systems that will make their work easier, more fun and more effective.

This program builds competencies in the following areas:

Duration & Resources:

16 Hours, 24 Hours, 36 Hours, 64 Hours

Available as (Delivery Format):

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