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Andrea Jacques

Andrea is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and coach with a gift for helping people and organizations to thrive. Her 25+ years of experience in coaching and consulting bring a seasoned perspective to what your organization needs to grow outgrow good enough and become truly legendary. Andrea lives to unlock the performance of individuals and teams, inspire employee engagement, and transform workplaces into environments with the ability to grow and sustain passion, vitality, creativity and fulfillment in their employees.
Red Socks and Tattoos: 2 New Ways to Think About Stress

Red Socks and Tattoos
2 New Ways to Think About Stress

Struggling with “analysis paralysis”? Learn how to simplify life’s complex choices with the metaphors of red socks and tattoos. Identify what drains your energy and recognize decisions that are not as permanent as they seem. Free yourself to make bolder choices and reclaim your time, energy, and creativity.

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Women-Friendly Workplaces

Women-Friendly Workplaces
How to make your workplace work for everyone.

Explore the essentials of creating women-friendly workplaces in our latest article. Learn about the importance of inclusivity in trades where women are underrepresented. Discover practical strategies like genuine listening for psychological safety, encouraging curiosity over criticism, prioritizing relationships for better results, and remembering the human aspect in equality. Understand the role of leadership and ongoing training in fostering a workplace where every individual feels valued and has the opportunity to thrive. Ideal for leaders and HR professionals seeking to build supportive and productive environments.

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