Andrea Jacques

Andrea Jacques

Andrea is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and coach with a gift for helping people and organizations to thrive. Her 25+ years of experience in coaching and consulting bring a seasoned perspective to what your organization needs to grow outgrow good enough and become truly legendary. Andrea lives to unlock the performance of individuals and teams, inspire employee engagement, and transform workplaces into environments with the ability to grow and sustain passion, vitality, creativity and fulfillment in their employees.

Stressed in the City: The Power of Purpose
Part 4

Kyosei Coaching

Research shows that those individuals with a clear sense of purpose and the ability to find meaning in both positive and negative events in their lives are more resilient in times of crisis.
Why is this?
From a very young age we begin to ask “why?” These early questions stem from the inherent knowledge that everything in life has meaning and purpose. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we are trained to stop asking why and to just do as we …

(Kyosei Coaching)

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Stressed in the City: Right-Sizing Your Vision
Part 5

In this final installment of the Stressed in the City series I want to address an often misunderstood topic that is at the root of stress for many successful people – vision (or lack thereof).
The first pitfall is not having a vision at all. Having no vision for your life and work causes stress because you have nothing to work towards, nothing to look forward to, nothing to challenge yourself to achieve. Many successful people experience this once they …

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Why Resolutions Fail

The majority of New Year’s resolutions fail for the same reason that so many businesses do – because people let their strategy limit their vision.
Here’s a simple example. Jeremy determines what he will do for his vacation based on the fact that he has only $500 and can’t take more than a week off. This seems very realistic, however it will likely limit Jeremy to futon-surfing around Whistler at friend’s houses. If, on the other hand, Jeremy first spends …

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Sales Diva

My mother is a sales diva. Whether it is selling homes, furniture, vitamins, makeup or water filters she brings a wholehearted (almost evangelical) passion to

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