Reinventing Yourself – Part 2 (Four Key Passions)

Last week’s post on reinventing yourself mentioned four key Passions you must discover to recalibrate your internal compass and ensure that your next incarnation is more aligned with your authentic self. Here, in more detail, is what they are and how to discover them.

The first Passion is your Passion for Being. This passion consists of your values, principles and style. Aligning with it requires accepting who you are – the good and the bad – while also connecting with who and how you aspire to be.

The second Passion is your Passion for Doing and Knowing. This passion is comprised of your natural talents and wisdom. To discover it, you must set aside all of the hard-won skills and knowledge you have proudly defined yourself by to date, and begin to ask the following: What kinds of activities most energize me? What comes naturally to me? What do I long to learn? What might I love to do (if only I thought I could, if only I could make money from it, if only people wouldn’t think it was silly)?

The third Passion is your Passion for Giving. This passion is about discovering a sense of purpose and meaning. One of the clues that can point you in the direction of your purpose is to be curious about the needs you see.

The final Passion is your Passion for Creating. Understanding this passion involves getting clear on the vision you have for you life as a whole, not just your work. You may discover after awhile that some of your goals lose their importance.  It can be unsettling to find yourself momentarily without direction, but, ultimately, your commitment to try on new values, explore your talents, and seek out your purpose will inform a new vision for your life and work that will lead to not only greater success, but more lasting fulfillment.

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