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The model of climbing up the corporate l

adder is busted. According to Seth Godin, in today’s world the rigid definition of a job is beginning to dissolve. He states that if you are employed in almost any white collar field, work in a place with access to the internet, or have a job that consists of more than checklists and repetitive tasks, then you have the perfect setting to transform your job into an opportunity – and you’d better step up and take advantage of it.

Like many successful business owners, Seth’s career evolved from corporate employee to entrepreneur by taking ideas, turning them into projects, and persevering long enough for them to evolve into other things. Many more of his projects failed than succeeded and from this he is a firm believer that failure preceeds success. His motto? “If I fail more than you, I win.”

So even if you currently have a job and don’t think you could ever be an entrepreneur, remember that the world is your playground. Take a chance on that crazy idea, make a project out of it, and see if it goes anywhere. At worst, it will keep you from getting bored. At best, you could make your fortune – or change the world.

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