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With more than 25 years of leadership and employee development training experience under our belts, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft learning and development programs that get the results you want in your team and your business. The following list of training topics provides an overview of typical topics and formats. Please fill out our Training Needs Assessment and one of our experienced trainers will be happy to meet with you to discuss your training needs in more detail, clarify the learning objectives you have for your team, and provide recommendations on which of our programs will achieve your desired results.

  • Result of Note™ Systems Thinking

    The Result of Note (TM) training session provides leaders, managers, business owners and employees at any level with the knowledge of why and how to implement systems that will stand the test of time, empowering them to participate in improving personal productivity and business performance. The end result? Less stress, more productivity, higher levels of quality and service, and a healthier bottom line.

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  • Time & Energy Management Foundations for Business Productivity

    This training session equips leaders, entrepreneurs and employees at all levels with the key skills and knowledge they will need to manage their time and energy more effectively, improve their productivity, and achieve better results at work. It covers all of the content from both the Clarifying Priorities for Productivity and the Planning & Organizing Your Work half-day programs.

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  • Clarifying Priorities for Productivity

    This training program provides leaders, entrepreneurs and employees at all levels with the necessary skills and knowledge to set effective priorities and avoid the distractions that keep them from staying focused on these priorities in their day-to-day work.

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  • Planning & Organizing Your Work

    This training provides leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and employees at any level with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively plan and organize projects, tasks, and space to optimize productivity.

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  • Systematizing Satisfaction

    Every business owner knows that systems are critical to business success, but when it comes to consistently satisfying customers, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly where things are going wrong. This training session provides participants with a framework for understanding customer satisfaction, identifying the barriers that are derailing it, and building systems to support high levels of customer satisfaction over the long term.

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  • Defining Roles & Responsibilities

    Many employers create job descriptions to hire new employees and then never refer to them again. Since business needs and employee abilities are constantly changing, this can lead to confusion, inefficiency and conflict. This training provides managers and entrepreneurs with the skills they need to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of their team members on a regular basis to support the achievement of business results with greater speed and ease.

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  • Foundations of Effective Delegation

    One of the most common frustrations of leaders, managers and entrepreneurs is how to effectively delegate tasks to their employees. This training provides participants with a system for effectively delegating work that ensures it will meet the leader’s expectations and timelines.

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  • Productivity Foundations for Owners & Entrepreneurs

    The recent need for many business to shift to remote or hybrid work models has exposed the fact that many leaders lack an understanding of these productivity foundations and that their organizations lack the key systems, structures and processes that support productivity. This program provides a big picture overview of fundamental productivity skills, knowledge, tools, and mindsets that support teams to thrive no matter where they are working from.

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  • Productivity Foundations for Teams: Getting Things Done in the New World of Work

    Never before have employees have been faced with so many challenges to productivity – and such a need for it. This program provides a big picture overview of fundamental skills, knowledge, tools, and mindsets that support individual and team productivity no matter where they are working from. Many employees know these fundamentals in theory, but don’t apply them as fully as they could for themselves or their teams. This program is designed to introduce or refresh these fundamentals. More importantly, it includes application assignments for participants to report back on in each subsequent session to ensure that they apply their learning back at work. The entire series is delivered over several months to ensure participants apply their knowledge and develop the productivity habits and systems they need to keep improve their productivity continuously over time.

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